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Our Aims We, at Dawley Brook, are committed to provide ∑	A safe and happy school ∑	A fair and just atmosphere in which everyone is valued and respected ∑	An exciting and engaging curriculum which promotes a love of learning ∑	Opportunities to be self-confident, responsible, well prepared life-long learners and responsible citizens.  Our Ethos At Dawley Brook Primary School we will nurture all pupils in their journey to achieve their full and unique potential. Our children lie at the heart of the decisions that we make. We aim to develop the confidence, independence and self-esteem of every individual in our care, in partnership with parents and carers. Have a Happy Easter (and donít eat too much chocolate!) Just A Thought Just A Thought (please click) A Message From The Head A Message From The Head
Enjoy a sculptural African Adventure with Class Six Ibbotson Horowitz. Your mouth will water when you see the fabulous food experiences Reception Class Hughes have been enjoying. Take a look at the Learning Journey your child and his or her classmates have enjoyed during the Spring Term. What a truly stunning start to Class Two Donaldson’s   Meterological topic!!! Where did their balloon land??? Reception Class Hughes  had a great time when parents and grandparents helped them during their INSPIRE day. Reception Class Hughes are certainly made of the ‘write’ stuff - they just love to write! Class Six wrote an anthology of beautiful, haunting poems about the tragedy and the heroism of young men sent off to fight in World War 1. This is how we Promote British Values in school. Click to view our SEND  document.
Check These Out... Check These Out... April 13th   Back to School - Summer Term begins.  Dates For Your Diary Dates For Your Diary Loving Learning Home