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Welcome to Dawley Brook
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Our latest Newsletter is now available. Find links to our most commonly searched for pages at the bottom of this page. We have a vacancy for a Midday Superintendent.   Those magnificent Year 6 and their flying machines... Hats off to Reception Class Hughes. Reception Class Hughes had visitors who helped them learn how to be safe. Year 5 Morpurgo drank a strange potion, with monstrous results!!! Year 2 Donaldson had a lovely day out at the Avoncroft Museum. Year 3 Dahl getting invaded by the Normans. Year 3 Dahl’s excitement when Miss Dark caused a volcanic eruption. To make them easier for you to find, we have now gathered all of our school policy documents in one place: Policy Documents There is now EVEN MORE info about the learning your child will enjoy in the coming year under the new Curriculum tab on the Menu Bar.
Dates for your diary... December 12th 	KS 1 dress rehearsal  15th 	KS1 Production 2:30 16th 	Parent Helpers Coffee  Morning 16th    KS1 Production 6:00 17th    Christmas Dinner	 18th 	KS2 rehearse at Church - 9.00 til 11.00 am           KS2 Carol Concert at St  Mary’s - 6.30 pm 19th	EYFS/KS1 Party am 19th	KS2 Party pm 19th	Break Up for Christmas  January 5th   	Start of Spring Term -  children return to school (this is NOT an  INSET Day).

Here at Dawley Brook we provide a safe, caring community where children can become aware of their abilities, develop 

a purposeful attitude to learning and build a firm foundation on which to learn to cope with the challenges of life.

We do everything we can to make sure our children are safe. We do everything we can to help our children be healthy. We do everything we can to help our children enjoy achool and to achieve their full potential. We do everything we can to help our children make a positive contribution both in school and in their community. We do everything we can to help ensure that our children are able to achieve their full potential despite any economic disadvantage they may have. If you are a parent or a member of the local community, please do all that you can to support the things that we do.
Just a Thought Christmas is a time for giving and the best gift you can give is your LOVE.
We’ll be bringing you an exciting insight into the learning we’re enjoying over the next few weeks.
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