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Last Updated: 24/11/15 - Rev 211   (c) Dawley Brook Primary School 2015 Our Aims We, at Dawley Brook, are committed to provide ·	A safe and happy school ·	A fair and just atmosphere in which everyone is valued and respected ·	An exciting and engaging curriculum which promotes a love of learning ·	Opportunities to be self-confident, responsible, well prepared life-long learners and responsible citizens.  Our Ethos At Dawley Brook Primary School we will nurture all pupils in their journey to achieve their full and unique potential. Our children lie at the heart of the decisions that we make. We aim to develop the confidence, independence and self-esteem of every individual in our care, in partnership with parents and carers. Be nice Just A Thought Just A Thought (please click) A Message From The Head A Message From The Head
The RNLI teaching Class 4 Wilson about how to stay safe in, on and around water. Class 4 Wilson bopping to a bit of Bhangra during their Round The World experience of India. Co-operation and collaboration are two very important learning skills! Reception are getting very good at working together. Wow! It’s crystal clear! Class 2 Donaldson have been learning about how glass is made. STOP! LOOK! and LISTEN! Reception have been learning how to cross the road safely. Our Autumn Learning Journeys  are now available, why not travel along with us - we’re heading for Christmas?!!! What was the result of the taste test Reception carried out? Was it sweet, sour, bitter, salt or just simply ‘NOM NOM’? Mobile phones aren’t allowed in school but just look at what Reception did with some paper cups and and a bit of string! (All in the name of science, of course). Class Six Horowitz classified their visit to Baggeridge Country Park as, ‘Absolutely Brilliant’.
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Loving Learning  Welcome to Dawley Brook and an  Awesome Autumn Term of
November Monday 30th Open The Book Assembly  KS1 Dress Rehearsal   December Tuesday 1st KS1 Production 6pm  Wednesday 2nd KS1 Production 2.15pm  Tuesday 8th Reception Dress Rehearsal  Thursday 10th Foundation Stage Production 9.45am  w/c Monday 14th Enterprise Week (Christmas Crafts)  Wednesday 16th Christmas Dinner  Thursday 17th KS2 Rehearsal at Church 9.00 til 11.00am  KS2 Carol Concert at St Mary’  s 6.30pm  Friday 18th EYFS and KS1 Party (am)  KS2 Party (pm)  End of Term      Dates For Your Diary Dates For Your Diary Home