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We are very proud that we have been selected by Historic England to be one of only 8 Champion Heritage schools in the country representing the Midlands region. You can find out more about this brilliant recognition of the work we do by clicking here.

We are working with them to advocate the inclusion of local heritage in a rich and exciting curriculum. Our curriculum is based on the wealth of local heritage that the Black Country has to offer. Our children explore the history of their local community enabling them to understand their past and how it affects their own lives and the future.



Our journey delving into the history of this region began with a whole school Heritage project. All year groups chose a different focus to research. 

Our youngest learners in Reception and Nursery learned about the history of Dudley Zoo and Castle. They asked their families for photographs of parents when they visited the zoo in the past and recreated the photographs.

Years 1 and 2 researched Glass Making in the Black Country. They looked at the history of the Stourbridge Glass Cone, only a couple of miles from school, and were inspired by the teachers blowing glass for an artwork we now display in our entrance hall.

Years 3 and 4 interrogated census records to follow a local family through the Stourbridge workhouse. We are waiting for the 1921 census to be released this year to find out the next chapter in the Doggett's story.

Years 5 and 6 questioned the social history of the area, learning about life in the coal mines owned by the Earl of Dudley. They used Coal mining records to decide whether his mines were any more dangerous than those owned by others. 

The film here gives a flavour of the fantastic work our classes did.

Heritage project Introduction 2019

Heritage project Introduction 2019

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