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We reach the point of the year when we look to the past and to the future for this amazing class.


This class were in Year 2 when I first came to Dawley Brook Primary School. They have been the class of many ‘firsts’ for me. It was a member of this class that was the first to speak to me and actually helped by showing me the ropes when collecting lunch. Thank you. It was also one of the first times that I knew how privileged I was to lead Dawley Brook when I saw the amazing writing coming from a Year 2 class! Thank you for sharing your amazing ladybird fact file. These are the first class that seem to have grown up before my eyes.


They are, more recently, the first Year 6 class to spend the whole year in pandemic conditions. We have learned at home and we have learned at school. I am so impressed that this class in particular have led learning at Dawley Brook this year. Schools are measured by how well children progress. Primary schools especially by how well children progress in Key Stage 2. These children are the first under my headship here to be able to measure that progress. Of course, with the Government cancelling statutory testing, this has not been measured by a test but instead by the work this class have completed both at home and at school. I am so pleased to be able to report that this class have exceeded expectation to make fantastic progress across Reading, writing and maths. They have THE BEST set of predicted progress results we have ever reported. This is such an achievement and one that celebrates the partnership between school and home: the hard work of Mr Naran and Miss Nock and ultimately the sheer dedication of the children themselves. I give my personal thank you for your endeavours. You absolutely epitomise the first part of our school ethos…Work Hard.

That isn’t the only side to this class’ Dawley Brook story. I have watched children in this class grow before me. They have supported each other through thick and thin. They play competitively (Year 5 football springs to mind), but they include everyone.


They have been an absolute joy to have back in school. They are funny and lively; they look after each other and they are respectful and polite to all adults who have worked with them in school. Year 6 classes often come with something of a reputation for making mischief as they go through their final weeks in primary school. I can honestly say that this class have remained as wonderful and lovely as they have always been. They certainly demonstrate the second part of our ethos…Be Kind.


 In this part of the assembly I want to share with you the gifts from our wonderful HSA. Each child will receive this year a personalised scientific calculator. I’m sure you join me in thanking the HSA for all of the work that goes into each purchase for the school and children. Mr Naran will be giving out these special gifts. 

Ms. Maskell

Head Teacher

We are very pleased to be sharing 2021 Year 6 Leavers' assembly film with you here. 


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