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Our Ethos
At Dawley Brook primary School we will nurture all pupils in their journey to achieve their full and unique potential. Our children lie at the heart of the decisions that we make. We aim to develop the confidence, independence and self-esteem of every individual in our care, in partnership with parents and carers.


Our Aims
What are our aims for your child?  We, at Dawley Brook, are committed to provide:

  • A safe and happy school

  • A fair and just atmosphere in which everyone is valued and respected

  • An exciting and engaging curriculum which promotes a love of learning

  • Opportunities to be self-confident, responsible, well prepared life-long learners and responsible citizens.

Our School Values
At Dawley Brook we have two key values:

  • Work hard

  • Be kind

Every behaviour choice we make in school can be measured against these two values. They are simple enough for every child at every age to remember and understand.


We strive to 'Work hard, be kind' every day.

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