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School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.


School Council Actions (2017-18)

Second Edition of The Pupils' Voice (04.05.18)

The School Council published the second edition of the Dawley Brook Primary School termly newspaper. We have learnt so much since launching our first edition and we felt that we were much better prepared for drafting, editing and publishing this edition.


While Spring was the shortest term, this second edition was much larger with a number of guest columnist's work making the final edition for the first time. We are really pleased with the final published version and have enjoyed bringing to the school community some of the amazing things that we do at Dawley Brook Primary School.


If you would like to read the newspaper in its entirety, you will find it in 'The School Newspaper' section of the Children tab on the school website. If you somehow missed it, the first edition is also available under the 'Previous Editions' section.

Meeting with Dudley Guide Dogs (05.01.18)

The School Council met with Dudley Guide Dogs to discuss the charity's work, the way it is funded and most importantly to meet some of the dogs! Following this visit, it was agreed at the next School Council meeting that Dawley Brook Primary School would attempt to raise some money for this worthy local charity.


First Edition of The Pupils' Voice (15.12.17)

The School Council published its first edition of the new Dawley Brook Primary School termly newspaper. It was hard work but we are extremely pleased with this first attempt. For future editions we are going to plan the articles as we progress through the term and ensure that they have been written as they happen so that we can remember all of the important details. By doing this we won't be in such a rush to finalise the final draft and we can concentrate on advertising it at the end of term.


We hope that The Pupil Voice will help more people understand what is happening at Dawley Brook Primary School and why we are proud to go to school here. It will also help some of the school's best writers reach a wider audience with their work.


If you would like to read the newspaper in its entirety, you will find it in 'The School Newspaper' section of the Children tab on the school website.

Christmas Tree Decorating at St Mary's Church (01.12.17)

The younger members of The School Council visited St Mary's Church to decorate Dawley Brook Primary School's Christmas tree for the annual Christmas Tree Festival and School Carol Concert. Reception made the beautiful angels that adorned the tree. It was a great opportunity for the school to strengthen its links with the local community.


Mike Wood Visit (Friday 1st December 2017)

Mike Wood, Member of Parliament for Dudley South, visited the school to congratulate a Dawley Brook Primary School pupil for winning his annual Christmas card competition. While he was at the school, the older members of The School Council took the opportunity to ask for a few tips in leading successful meetings.



Tip #1

  • Mike Wood said "You must always have a purpose for the meeting which everybody knows about before they step into the room."
  • As a result, The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson will agree an agenda with Mr Walters before giving it out to all of the school councillors before every meeting.


Tip #2

  • Mike Wood said "Everyone should be clear what they have to do in between meetings."
  • As a result, actions will be clarified by The Chairperson at the end of the meeting and the Clerk will ensure they are clearly identified on the meeting minutes.

Increasing participation and engagement in physical activity (02.10.17)

Mr Walters spoke to The School Council regarding the Primary P.E. and Sports Premium Strategy that each school develops to ensure that ALL pupils leave primary school physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.


One of the key indicators in whole school improvement is to broaden the children's experience of a range of sports and activities offered. The School Council conducted a whole school survey about different types of physical activities they would like the opportunity to experience this academic year. The graph below shows their findings:



This information will be used by the school when looking at physical activities that could be organised to broaden the experiences of the children at Dawley Brook Primary School.