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Senior Leadership Team:

Ms L. Maskell - Headteacher

Mr M. Walters - Deputy Headteacher

Mr S. Naran - Key Stage Two Strategic Leader

Miss R. Davies - Key Stage One and EYFS Strategic Leader

Teaching Staff - Foundation Stage

Miss Rigby - Nursery

Mrs H. Woodall- Reception 

Teaching Staff - Key Stage One 

Mr D. Marsh - Year 1 

Mr J. Dibble - Year 2


Teaching Staff - Key Stage Two

Mrs N. Chodha- Year 3

Miss E. Howes - Year 4

Mr J. Capener - Year 5

Mr S. Naran - Year 6


Teaching Staff - Oak Tree Base

Ms S. James


Mrs A. Walters 

Support Staff

Miss L. Dunn, Miss R. Cryer,  Mrs T. Nock, Mrs F. Andreiomenou, Mrs T. Lowe, Mrs L. Timmins, Miss A. McDonald, Mrs H. Dews and Mrs K. Rowley.


Office staff

Mrs F. Safrany- School Business Manager

Mrs R. Hadley


Site Management

Mr D. Homer

Mr I. Blakeley - Assistant Site Manager



Mrs J. Burns, Mrs S. Danks, Mrs A. Griffiths, Mrs C. Johnson


Kitchen Staff

Mrs K. Hadlington - Catering Manager

Mrs M. Raybould


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs S. Beedles - Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K. Patel, Ms Bradley, Mrs Kendrick, Mrs Grice


Wraparound Care

Mrs K. Haywood - After School Club Manager

Mrs J. Rowley

Miss A. Porter

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