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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Senior Management Team:

Mrs L. Maskell - Headteacher

Mr M. Walters - Deputy Headteacher

Mr D. Air - Key Stage Two Strategic Leader

Miss R. Davies - Key Stage One and EYFS Strategic Leader

Teaching Staff - Foundation Stage

Miss S Kick - Nursery

Mr R. Marsh - Reception


Teaching Staff - Key Stage One 

Mr D. Marsh - Year 1 

Miss R. Davies - Year 2


Teaching Staff - Key Stage Two

Mr D. Air - Year 3

Miss E. Howes - Year 4

Mr J. Capener - Year 5

Mr S. Naran - Year 6



Mrs A. Walters


Support Staff

Mr. T Jones, Miss L. Cook, Miss R Cryer (Maternity), Miss L. Daly, Mrs L. Douglas, Mrs K. Harrison, Mrs C. Hodges, Miss A. Whitehouse, Mrs T Nock, Mrs S. Weston, Mrs M. Pearson and Mrs K. Rowley.


Office staff

Mrs F. Safrany- Interim Office Manager

Mrs R. Hadley


Site Management

Mr D. Homer

Mr I. Blakeley - Assistant Site Manager



Mrs J. Burns, Mrs S. Danks, Mrs A. Griffiths, Mrs K. Spencer.


Kitchen Staff

Mrs K. Hadlington - Catering Manager

Mrs M. Raybould


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs G. Flynn - Lunchtime Superintendent

Mrs S. Beedles, , Mrs K. Patel, Mrs M Thomas, Mrs C. Warren.


After School and Holiday Club

Mrs E. Blakeway - After School Club Manager

Mrs K. Haywood